Farm & Farm Machinery Cover Story: Clear Ridge Fabrication

Press Article: Farms & Farm Machinery 2020.

With a raft of new features, the team at Clear Ridge Fabrication is confident the award winning CRF SUPA Bin will meet all the challenges 2020 can throw at it.

Switching between seed, fertiliser and urea without contaminating one with the other is the ultimate when using a grouper bin – and two brothers in Central West New South Wales have found a way to make it possible.

With their years of combined experience in the farming industry and metal fabrication, Dallas and Kaidan Boyd established Clear Ridge Fabrication on the family farm near West Wyalong.

With the contribution of a highly skilled design team, they have successfully developed the SUPA Bin, which Kaidan says fills an essential gap in the farming industry.

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The SUPA Bin is a multipurpose unit that can assist in sowing, spreading, filling sheep feeders, filling silo bag machines at harvest time and carting bulk grain.

The unloading rate of up to four tonnes per minute also makes the SUPA Bin an efficient grain transfer option into bulk storage.

The different compartments and conveyor belt system mean the product can be conveyed to the rear of the unit with no contamination.

contamination free seeding

From an WHS perspective, the SUPA Bin eliminates the need to tip trucks in the paddock, in turn creating a safer worker environment for the user and its employees.

One design is the 42,000 litre unit, comprised of two sixmetre bins, which are both usually divided into a 60/40 split.

All four compartments open individually onto the conveyer belt. The conveyer belt and all four doors are operated via remote control.

Any of the four compartments can be operated individually or together to create different blends as required. The six metre unit (displayed on the front cover of this issue) has a capacity of 21,000 litres with two compartments.

Each SUPA Bin is customised according to the customer’s preference. Some customisable options include the bin compartment configuration, hydraulic power pack, remote engine start, colour choice and various trailer options.

crfs 42000 litre supa bin design

When Farms & Farm Machinery spoke with Dallas and Kaidan in 2019, they had identified the long-standing issue of cross contamination when transferring products from the grouper into an Air-Seeder.

Fast forward to 2020, CRF introduces its latest addition, the SUPA Tube tubulator.

The SUPA Tube attaches to the rear of the bin and can rotate a total of 270 degrees, with a 180 degree working range – the first of its kind in Australia. The tubulator is available anywhere from six metres to 12 metres in length, and unlike an auger, is completely self-cleaning.

This guarantees zero contamination in the whole process of transferring products from the grouper into the seeder.

It has been designed to operate at any point in the 180 degree arc, allowing ease of access to your equipment. The 6m tubulator provides a minimum delivery height of 3.5 metres while also remaining within legal road widths when folded to its transport position.

“This is the first of its kind in Australia with these capabilities,” Kaidan says.

Clear Ridge Fabrication has also progressed its self-contained hydraulic drive packages and now use a 35hp (26kW) Kohler engine, which Kaidan says helps improve efficiency.

“Primarily the bins are mounted on trucks, skel trailers or flat top trailers, but there are a few farmers that are chasing the super dog trailer option – we have the resources to adapt accordingly,” he says.

This level of adaptability has been key in meeting the individual needs of CRF’s growing customer base, enabling CRF to pre-sell units throughout Australia with orders already spilling into 2021.

“We offer 24-hour phone support following sales and have received very positive feedback from all of our customers,” Kaidan adds.

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